EU Commissar Slammed For Silence On Gonzalo Lira’s Death

Outrage over the death of U.S. journalist Gonzalo Lira hit the European Parliament Wednesday. AfD MEP Bernhard Zimniok sharply criticized E.U. Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for ignoring Lira’s death while she praised his Ukrainian captors.

Addressing his colleague, Zimniok declared, “The case of U.S. journalist Gonzao Lira, who died in a Ukrainian prison last week, shows that Ukraine has nothing in common with our values.”

He asserted that the reporter was imprisoned simply for criticism of the Kyiv regime. Lira, according to Zimniok, was “tortured severely and suffered from double pneumonia for the last three months.”

Supporters believe the 55-year-old Lira was denied essential medical care by his captors.

Speaking for those outraged by this apparent miscarriage of justice, Zimniok called for an immediate end to support for the “corrupt state” and a prompt independent investigation.

He told the E.U. Parliament that the Ukrainian people are suffering due to their actions. The German political leader said all sides need to return to the bargaining table to end the war, which is plowing toward its third year. 

Lira was born in California and gained modest fame as a YouTuber and film director. He reported on the war with a notably pro-Russian stance, which is illegal under Ukrainian law.

His correspondence included referring to Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelenskyy as a “cokehead.” He further heaped praise on Putin’s invasion, calling it “brilliant.”

E.U. President Ursula von der Leyen flatly contradicted Zimniok in a Wednesday diatribe. She claimed “the democratic institutions in Ukraine not only meet our requirements, but also fulfill the hopes of the people in the country.”

She notably failed to mention the death of the American journalist or how that met the requirements of the E.U. Perhaps that will come later.

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