Immigrants Reject Free Food, Shelter As Inadequate

Immigrants in “sanctuary cities” across America are provided shelter, cell phones, meals and often pre-paid debit cards with large cash balances. However, this is not sufficient for many immigrants who demand that their cultural heritage be accommodated. 

Migrants from African nations protest that their languages are not spoken or that stores sell pork and ham, which the Muslim faith prohibits. 

In New York, immigrants are throwing out free food provided by hotels. Per spokespeople for the Marriot hotel in New York, they are also assaulting hotel employees, doing drugs in the rooms and engaging in inappropriate behavior in the stairwells. 

Migrants staying at city expense in the four-star Row hotel near Times Square throw away about a ton of food per day, per hotel employee Felipe Rodriguez. “They don’t want sandwiches. They want a cooked meal like in their own country,” said Rodriguez. 

The hotel provides food, such as bagels, sandwiches, fruit, peanuts, juice and microwavable meals. However, immigrants demand cuisine specific to their own homeland. “They want rice and beans, plantains, tostones,” said Rodriguez. 

The migrants instead cook their own food using hot plates and rice cookers in the rooms — which is a fire hazard. Typically, these contraband items are used directly on the carpet so they can be hidden. 

Immigrants who have grown accustomed to life in three and four-star hotels in the Big Apple complain when they are moved to shelters — even when those shelters have free food, television, X-box game consoles, fluff and fold laundry and other amenities. 

A protest outside the $300 per night Hell’s Kitchen hotel saw immigrants sleep on the streets rather than be moved to a shelter. One immigrant lamented about having to live in a facility that is ugly and looks like a military barracks. 

Fox News Journalist Dana Perino suggested that immigrants who refuse to be housed in a shelter should be deported. “One thing we should change is that if you refuse to move to one of these shelters that is being provided to you, that’s an automatic, outta here.” 

Some have observed that when legal immigrants arrived at Elis Island a century ago, no one complained that food was worse than going hungry or that sleeping in a shelter was worse than sleeping on the street. Immigrants viewed learning English, eating American food and assimilating into U.S. culture as all part of the new life they chose. 

Democrat policy of today has prioritized the demands of illegal immigrants and has created a culture of entitlement. Not only are people allowed to cross the border without proper vetting and procedure, but they presume posh accommodations and selective cultural meals. 

The American “melting pot” has become a witch’s cauldron of chaos.  

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  • G
    March 18, 2024

    Hmm – ‘perhaps’ they should have stayed in their home country and tried to fix things there instead of coming here and DEMANDING that we cater to their wants.

  • M
    March 18, 2024

    It’s much cheaper to just give them a ride South of the border but with Brandon’s open border they would just come back over.

  • JR
    March 18, 2024
    Joseph Ross

    If they don’t want the free food and free shelter, they will starve. So What!

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