Bozell Criticizes Stephanopoulos’ Role In Journalism Over Biden Interview

MRC founder and president Brent Bozell expressed strong criticism of George Stephanopoulos during an interview on “O’Connor & Co.” on WMAL-FM in Washington, D.C. Bozell argued that Stephanopoulos, who is set to interview President Biden on Friday, “ought not be working in journalism” anymore due to a past ethical breach. In 2015, Stephanopoulos failed to disclose his $75,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation, an omission that Bozell believes disqualifies him from credible journalistic practice.

Bozell emphasized that if Stephanopoulos were employed by a conservative outlet, he would have been dismissed immediately. He remarked, “he would have been fired in a New York second.” He highlighted Stephanopoulos’ previous role as a handler for Clinton’s “bimbo eruption” team and his hostile questioning of investigative reporter Peter Schweizer, who had ties to Republicans and conservative funding sources.

Bozell asserted that the mainstream media has long been biased in favor of the Left, suggesting that their support is crucial for the Left’s political success. He pointed out that as media support for Biden wanes, the president’s political survival is in jeopardy. “I don’t think he survives,” Bozell predicted, noting the media’s recent turn against Biden amid growing concerns about his cognitive health.

On Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.,” Bozell reiterated his stance, stressing that conservatives have been pointing out Biden’s decline for a long time. He criticized the media for either being “as dumb as wallpaper” for not recognizing Biden’s issues or being so anti-Trump that they ignored the president’s potential cognitive problems.

Bozell emphasized the importance of the media investigating Biden’s health, warning that ignoring the president’s potential decline poses a significant risk. “It’s extremely dangerous for America’s enemies, like Iran and Russia, to be watching and seeing that our president may well be senile,” Bozell concluded.

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