Gutfeld’s Late-Night Show Tops Cable Ratings, Surpasses ‘Daily Show’ By Wide Margin

Greg Gutfeld’s late-night program on Fox News has emerged as a ratings powerhouse, leading cable news among younger viewers and vastly outperforming the liberal ‘Daily Show.’ Gutfeld’s show has achieved notable success by quadrupling the audience size of its competitor, demonstrating a strong appeal to viewers seeking alternative perspectives.

Fox News announced substantial ratings gains for the second quarter of 2024, solidifying its position as the top network in various categories. This success stands in stark contrast to CNN’s performance, which hit a 33-year low in key demographics despite hosting a highly watched debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

Gutfeld, along with Jesse Watters, has much to celebrate. Gutfeld’s late-night show has outshone other programs, while Watters saw unprecedented gains in the 8 p.m. slot, with June marking his highest viewership ever. Both hosts also contribute to ‘The Five,’ which continues its streak as the leading non-primetime cable news show for 11 consecutive quarters.

Gutfeld’s show has more than quadrupled the viewership of ‘The Daily Show,’ now hosted part-time by Jon Stewart. In the 25-54 age group, Gutfeld’s program doubled ‘The Daily Show’s’ average of 146,000 viewers. Gutfeld is set to broadcast live from Milwaukee during the Republican National Convention, further solidifying his show’s prominence.

Kudos to Greg Gutfeld and his team for their remarkable success. Their ability to captivate audiences with fresh and engaging content has set a new standard in late-night television, providing a welcome alternative to the predictable offerings of Colbert and Kimmel.


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