Whitlock Denounces Diddy And The System That Created Him

Commentator Jason Whitlock is known for speaking the truth, and he pulled no punches this week in discussing allegations of human trafficking surrounding hip-hop superstar Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Addressing Glenn Beck, Whitlock reflected that many now describe the performer as the hip-hop Jeffrey Epstein. Multiple residences owned by Combs were raided this week, and several horrific allegations swirl around the federal action.

According to Whitlock, “Diddy is someone of marginal talent who’s been installed and who has been allowed to use the music industry to…compromise young people, celebrities, other entertainers, politicians.”

The commentator observed that the entertainment industry pushes nihilism, the belief that life is meaningless and that nothing matters, onto the public.

Whitlock said the notion is injected into popular music and in all walks of life.

As he explained, “It’s not just Diddy; it’s BlackRock and Vanguard — they actually own the music industry and control the music.” He noted the investment giants control powerful firms from Viacom to Sony and MTV.

Besides the music industry, these Wall Street players control the private prison system. The result, Whitlock said, is the “whole hip-hop deal was about creating a culture where prison is a rite of passage and corruption and criminality is just built into the system.”

Along with Whitlock, another fascinating observation came this week from former Epstein prosecutor Rebekah Donaleski. She managed the successful case against Epstein’s girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. 

Donaleski called the federal raids an “aggressive step” and said they indicate that prosecutors likely have victims who are cooperating.

Addressing ABC News, she noted, “A search, especially one that is this high profile, signals they have confidence they have strong evidence and the speed with which they have moved tells me the evidence is compelling.”

Donaleski said federal agents carefully searched Combs’ residences. “Any innocuous detail that you can corroborate that’s what you’re trying to do. Perpetrators keep mementos. They keep photos, videos, things like that.” 

As for Whitlock’s accusations, he correctly noted that the system is completely devoid of moral values. This is by design, and the message that anything goes pervades the entertainment industry.

If Donaleski is also correct and the feds have cooperating witnesses, a sweeping day of reckoning may be coming. And not just for Sean “Diddy” Combs.

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