Washington Post: Illegal Migrant A Boon To Blue Cities

The Washington Post has a solution to what it deems as the issues facing the U.S. heartland. All will be better if cities not on either coast that are hemorrhaging residents will agree to be flooded with Biden’s illegal migrant invasion.

The truth is painfully obvious. Democrats and their mainstream media allies are suddenly aware that the flood of unvetted illegals is a losing campaign issue. Now they must spin the story as a positive, a way to revitalize downtrodden areas of the U.S.

The outlet noted the population decline in over 1,100 counties since 2020 and offered its novel solution. 

Simply put, Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s uber-successful strategy of shipping Biden’s illegals to blue cities is a gold mine to the Post. No longer would they be seen as an economic burden bringing crime and social discord. 

Instead, illegals from far-flung corners of the globe would be hailed as saviors. In the outlet’s words, they would “rekindle economic development in depopulated cities such as Buffalo, Akron or Detroit, which have struggled to keep up with economic transformations of the past 30 years. 

The Post believes that Democratic cities will be rescued through hordes of illegal migrants. Could its writers find Detroit on a map?

If there’s one thing that Biden’s disastrous open border policies and Abbott’s innovative movement of migrants has in common, it’s this. The border which at one time bumped up to the southwestern U.S. has now been dragged to communities across the nation.

And the Post wants more of this.

Listen to U.S. Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA). She recently penned a piece for the Newton News in which she admitted that Iowa is now a border state.

She noted that the state is now home to over 50,000 illegal migrants, part of the gift of Biden’s over nine million border crossers since he took office. That total is more than 36 U.S states.

That surge, Miller-Meeks declared, brought with it not only illegals but the scourge of fentanyl that has created a national emergency. That’s not to mention the migrant-fueled crime wave that impacts innocent lives from New York to Georgia to the West Coast.

And this is what the Post envisions as revitalizing dormant blue cities? The left is getting desperate if this is their solution for Democratic mismanagement and the illegal migrant invasion.

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    April 24, 2024

    There Is No Such Thing As An “illegal Immigrant” – they are invaders/criminals, period.

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