Trump Outraises Biden By $25 Million Amid Plummeting Approval Ratings

Former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party have surpassed President Joe Biden and the Democrats in fundraising, amassing $25 million more in April alone. This financial surge has bolstered Trump’s campaign, bringing it closer to matching Biden’s war chest.

According to ABC News, Trump and the GOP collectively raised $76 million last month, with a significant portion attributed to a record-breaking $50.5 million garnered from a single event with affluent donors in early April. In contrast, Biden and the Democratic National Committee reported a fundraising total of around $51 million during the same period.

Trump celebrated the financial victory on Truth Social, declaring, “JUST OUT: Trump Campaign April fundraising far exceeds the Radical Left Democrats. TRUMP, $76,000,000. Radical Left & Crooked Joe, $51,000,000. MAGA2024!”

This accomplishment marks an improvement for Trump’s campaign compared to March, where they reported $65.6 million in fundraising. However, Biden’s campaign maintains a significant cash reserve, with approximately $192 million on hand as of the end of April.

Despite Biden’s fundraising success in previous months, his approval ratings have experienced a steep decline. A Reuters/Ipsos poll revealed that Biden’s approval rating in May plummeted to its lowest point in almost two years, standing at only 36%. This decline has deepened concerns about his reelection prospects, as historical trends suggest presidents typically need an approval rating around 50% to secure a second term.

The poll also highlighted key issues impacting Biden’s approval, with the economy and political extremism topping the list of concerns among Americans. Furthermore, Trump holds a considerable advantage over Biden on issues such as the economy and border security, according to the survey.

Biden’s allies have expressed alarm over the polling data, acknowledging the challenges facing the administration. With concerns mounting about Biden’s ability to reverse negative perceptions, the road to reelection appears increasingly daunting for the incumbent president.

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