Texas Ignores Supreme Court Ruling On Razor Wire

Texas is taking its efforts to ramp up razor wire usage to the next level, now exploring possibilities of extending it onto private properties following a contentious Supreme Court decision.

Texas Border Czar Mike Banks made a significant announcement during a meeting with ranchers held just outside Eagle Pass, Texas. He conveyed that the state was prepared to provide and install razor wire on their private lands completely free of charge.

This development comes in the wake of a recent ruling by the United States Supreme Court on Monday. The ruling stated that US Border Patrol agents, who report to President Joe Biden, could employ razor wire and cut through it if they determined it to be necessary.

The barrier was erected under the directive of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R).

Historically, federal agents have intervened to cut through the barrier when they perceived that migrants were at risk of drowning in the river dividing Texas and Mexico.

Razor wire has been strategically deployed in various cities and regions along the Texas border, including the town of Eagle Pass.

Despite its modest population of only 28,000 residents, this town has emerged as a significant focal point for migrants since President Joe Biden assumed office in 2021. It presently ranks as the second busiest location along the southern border, trailing only behind Lukeville, Arizona.

Federal authorities have cautioned Texas that the exclusive authority to enforce immigration law rests with the federal government. The Department of Justice has conveyed its intent to explore all available avenues to compel Texas to permit Border Patrol agents to carry out their duties.

Since October 1, a minimum of 96,000 individuals have crossed the southern border, according to sources within Customs and Border Protection.

Ranch owner Luis Valderrama said, “I have an eight-foot fence, and at the very top, I have razor wire. I’m watching these migrants cross, and I’m like, ‘Wait ‘til they come across. They’re not going to know what to do.’ Nah, they came up, and they just hopped over it like deer. I couldn’t believe it.”

He added, “There’s nothing you really do. If migrants know when they get across and they turn themselves in, they’re just going to get processed and released. There’s no stopping them.”

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