Texas Farmers Fight Against Race And Gender-Based Aid

White Texas farmers are up in arms over a Biden administration program doling out Department of Agriculture (USDA) aid based solely on race and gender. On Monday, a coalition asked a federal judge to block disaster and pandemic relief funds being distributed in this discriminatory manner.

The aggrieved group is represented by the nonprofit Southeastern Legal Foundation.

The motion declared that natural disasters are not followed by discriminatory relief based on race or gender. “Neither should the Department of Agriculture” use such unconstitutional factors when providing aid. 

According to the filing, the Biden administration already earmarked $25 billion in disaster relief funding. Instead of being distributed based on need, it is specifically designated for “socially disadvantaged” categories. 

The plaintiffs correctly note that the Constitution provides for equal treatment of all U.S. citizens along with separation of powers. They asserted that the USDA broke both through the disaster and pandemic programs.

Further, the Biden agency inexcusably gives more money to some farmers strictly based on race, gender and other indefensible factors. 

The plaintiffs told the court that they can prove such discriminatory practices by the White House.

The farmers noted that the USDA first puts farmers into categories which they labeled “socially disadvantaged.” “Then, it provides farmers who qualify as socially disadvantaged more money for the same loss than those it deems non-underserved, along with other preferential treatment.”

The Texas farmers referenced the Supreme Court’s recent ruling shutting down discriminatory affirmative action programs in colleges.

Lawyers pulled a quote from the decision in which the majority said that “eliminating racial discrimination means eliminating all of it.”

The suit was filed on behalf of a Lone Star State group that included three White farmers. They notably received “significantly less money in disaster relief funds” than if they had been of a different race or gender.

In other words, textbook discrimination. But the Biden administration is determined to subdivide the people and hand out blatant preferential treatment based on immutable characteristics.

It would be much simpler to treat everyone equally.

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