Texas Arrested Nearly 10,000 Illegal Migrants In 2023

Texas recently enacted a law taking effect in March to allow law enforcement to arrest illegal migrants. This will likely phase out a previous statute permitting arrests on trespassing charges that netted almost 10,000 illegals.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott was forced to step in and do the federal government’s job of controlling the invasion across the southern border.

The small operation, dubbed by some as “arrest and jail” after its launch in July 2021, will soon be much larger and encompass areas hundreds of miles from the border. Local judges will be empowered to order illegal migrants back to their countries of origin. 

The original initiative was intended to convince illegal migrants to turn back, as Abbott told Fox News when it passed. “When people start learning about this, they’re going to stop coming across the Texas border,” he declared.

The prior effort, however, did not stem the flood pouring across into Texas. illegal migrants entering the Lone Star State reached 1.2 million in 2021, but surged past 1.5 million in the most recent fiscal year.

Abbott cannot be accused of ignoring the crisis, as can the Biden administration. His $10 billion Operation Lone Star pushed back against federal claims of exclusive authority over immigration, and he has bussed an estimated 80,000 illegal migrants to so-called “sanctuary” cities.

The Texas Department of Public Safety carried out the operations leading to the nearly 10,000 trespassing arrests. 

On top of those, another 27,000 criminal arrests for everything from gang affiliation to human trafficking were made, according to department spokesperson Ericka Miller.

She told the Associated Press, “Had we not been there, all of it likely would have crossed into the country unimpeded. The state of Texas is working to send a message to those considering crossing into the country illegally to think again.”

U.S. and Mexican officials met this week for the stated purpose of controlling illegal migration. 

It’s only words so far, though Democrats can be expected to ramp up their rhetoric due to 2024 being an election year. Border security and crime will get some window dressing, but that’s all.

And news recently filtered into the U.S. of a massive caravan marching toward the southern border. A throng that is expected to grow to as many as 15,000 illegals is making its way through Mexico.

Of course, either the Mexican government before they reach the border or the U.S. government when they arrive are quite capable of turning back the tide. But neither have the will, and the unchecked invasion will only continue.

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