Supreme Court Rules Unanimously In Favor Of Trump In Colorado Ballot Case

In a landmark decision, the Supreme Court voted unanimously on Monday to reverse a lower court ruling and allow Donald Trump to remain on the Colorado ballot for president. 

Last December, the Colorado Supreme Court decided that Trump could not be on the state ballot. They attempted to use Section 3 of the 14th Amendment as justification by tying it to the Jan. 6 Capitol protests and the surrounding accusations of “insurrection” that have been leveled against the former president by the left and many resentful Republicans. 

However, the United States Supreme Court has now decided that states will play no role in attempting to interpret and enforce the passage of the Constitution, leaving it to the federal government alone. 

The ruling will have widespread impact, as a number of other states, including Maine and Illinois, were also attempting to remove Donald Trump from the ballot using the same rationale. 

The rationale of the Supreme Court rests upon not only interpreting the intent of the written law, but also upon visualizing the effects of its implied governing scenarios. Section 3 was added to the 14th Amendment after the Civil War as an injunction to prevent former Confederates from holding political office in the newly reunited nation. To apply the law to the scenario of the Jan. 6 protests and also the blame that has been placed for it onto Donald Trump is a clear stretch of the intent of the law. 

Even the term “insurrection,” which at the time was an obvious reference to the bloody war which had just taken place, was universally adopted by the leftist mainstream media to hyperbolize the events of that day. 

The Supreme Court also took into consideration the practical application of the law had Colorado been allowed to prevent Trump from being on the ballot. If a state can decide a candidate is unelectable, that decision could be made at any time. Left to the partisan politics of the states, a party in power could effectively nullify the results of an election, and chaos would ensue.

The ruling is a major victory for the former president, who has said “it will go a long way toward bringing our country together — which our country needs.”

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