Sole American Hostage Released Related To Prominent Biden Supporter

The shine on a bit of good news from the Israel-Hamas war dulled somewhat when details of the latest hostage release were revealed. Of course, all good people celebrated the freeing of four-year-old hostage Abigail Edan by Hamas terrorists.

It was revealed, however, that she is connected to the Biden administration through an influential donor and White House appointee.

She was the only American released thus far by the Hamas terrorists who took some 240 hostages from southern Israel on Oct. 7.

Liz Hirsh Naftali is little Abigail’s great-aunt. She was appointed last July to Biden’s Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. She also served on the Biden for President National Finance Committee.

Naftali was previously the Democratic National Committee’s deputy finance chair.

And it was revealed earlier this year that she purchased one of Hunter Biden’s paintings from an art gallery in Los Angeles. 

Abigail Edan had her fourth birthday on Nov. 24 while in captivity. She was released on Sunday night and reunited with relatives at the Hatzerim Air Force Base after being held for almost 50 days.

Her freedom came as part of a temporary truce agreed upon by Israel and Hamas. An enduring image was posted on X, formerly Twitter, by the official account of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyau.

It showed Abigail being cradled by her aunt as she was draped in a blanket adorned in the blue and white colors of the Israeli flag.

She became a symbol of the evil of the Hamas attack on southern Israel. Terrorists killed both of her parents in the presence of the young girl and her two older siblings in their Kfar Aza kibbutz residence.

Naftali told NBC that Abigail’s father was holding her when he was killed. He then fell on top of her as he died.

Abigail then reportedly crawled from under his body and while covered in blood went to a neighbor’s house. She hid there along with several others in a bomb shelter before the residence was overrun and everyone was taken hostage by terrorist invaders. 

Politico reporter Daniel Lippman told Newsmax’s “Newsline” that President Biden will not benefit politically until all the American hostages are freed. “There’s a number of them still left in custody in Hamas jails, and so he has to get every single American back.”

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