Slovak PM Accuses Soros of Encouraging Assassination Attempt

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, who recently survived multiple gunshot wounds in an assassination attempt on May 15, has publicly addressed the incident for the first time. In a 14-minute video released on Wednesday, just before the moratorium on electioneering ahead of the European elections, Fico expressed that he harbored “no hatred towards the stranger who shot me.” He described the shooter as “only a messenger of evil and political hatred, which the politically unsuccessful and frustrated opposition developed in Slovakia to unmanageable proportions.”

Fico, known for his alliance with Hungarian leader Viktor Orban, has been a vocal opponent of mass migration and the Western proxy war with Russia in Ukraine. He directed accusations at globalist opposition politicians, “foreign-funded political non-governmental organizations,” and corporate media outlets “co-owned by the financial structure of George Soros.” Fico claimed that these entities had fostered a toxic political atmosphere that led to the attempt on his life.

In his speech, Fico criticized what he described as the “single-correct-opinion policy” aggressively promoted by some Western democracies. He argued that the EU and NATO have “literally sanctified the concept of the single correct opinion” on Ukraine, insisting that the war must continue to weaken Russia. Fico lamented that anyone who disagrees with this stance is “immediately labeled as a Russian agent.”

Reflecting on his previous terms in office, Fico recalled maintaining Slovakia’s independence in foreign policy decisions, such as refusing to support the NATO bombing of Serbia under Bill Clinton’s administration and withdrawing Slovak soldiers from Iraq. He contended that “the right to a different opinion has ceased to exist in the EU.”

Michal Šimečka, chairman of the Progressive Slovakia opposition party, criticized Fico’s speech, arguing that he should have promoted social reconciliation. Another opposition leader claimed that by condemning the globalists whom he blamed for his shooting, Fico was actually the one fostering political division.

The incident and Fico’s subsequent address underscore the deep political tensions in Slovakia and the broader challenges facing European democracies regarding free speech and political dissent.


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