Secret Service Documents Destroy Democratic Jan. 6 Narrative

The Biden administration and congressional Democrats desperately seek to paint a picture of treasonous insurrection around the Jan. 6 protests. But a key plank in their talking points recently came crashing down with new evidence from the Secret Service. 

Look no further than the infamous House Democratic “investigation.” Leaders breathlessly reported that then-President Donald Trump intended to move directly to the U.S. Capitol and participate in a violent overthrow of the election certification process.

Only, that turned out to be patently false.

First of all, Trump never made the trek to the Capitol. This despite House Democrats hearing testimony that he might want to take that walk on the fateful day.

And now, Just the News revealed documents that prove that there was never a plan for Trump to move on to the Capitol. Whatever he considered, there was never a change of plan, and thus no intent.

This directly coincides with a November interview granted by “Shaman” Jacob Chansley. The demonstrator told Newsmax that Trump pointedly instructed the crowd to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

Hardly the rantings of a mad insurrectionist. 

To be clear, the U.S. president does not go anywhere on the spur of the moment. All excursions are carefully planned for multiple contingencies that must be considered by the Secret Service.

In other words, Trump stood by his original plan and simply urged his followers to respect decorum and peacefully protest. That a few go carried away is not the fault of the president. 

The Secret Service PowerPoint that detailed the day’s activities specifically noted security features for the political event. Nowhere did it include Trump going to the Capitol, which would have had to be approved.

And House Democrats “investigating” the day knew this well.

Just the News confirmed through the Secret Service and congressional sources that the Jan. 6 schedule and detailed PowerPoint were provided to the committee.

The plan did specify for Vice President Mike Pence to be present for the certification of election results. Pence was later relocated temporarily when some protestors took their actions too far and created a threatening situation.

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