Pelosi Honors Anti-Illegal Immigration Cesar Chavez On Easter Sunday

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) used the occasion of Easter Sunday to tout the virtues of civil rights leader Cesar Chavez. This despite the quite complicated legacy of the Hispanic union organizer seen by many as a Marxist revolutionary.

He also notably stood against mass illegal migration, noting that the influx of these migrants drove down wages for farm workers and assisted in breaking union strikes.

Pelosi declared, “Happy Cesar Chavez Day! His legacy as a fearless and tireless champion for justice and dignity for all continues to inspire our nation. Today, his fight for better pay and protections for workers lives on as we work to build and realize a better life for all Americans.”

Besides Easter falling on March 31, it was also Chavez’ birthday. This was not lost on Pelosi, who every year makes a point to glorify the labor leader.

In 2018, the then-Speaker wrote that he taught Americans “the true meaning of justice.” Chavez united farm laborers “to guarantee that workers who grew and picked our nation’s food could also provide for their own families.”

Pelosi credited the radical with providing a better future for all in the U.S. and inspiring workers and activists across the globe. She then praised herself and other liberals for championing unions.

Social media users were not kind to the former Speaker, with many noting Chavez’ radicalism and her messaging on Easter Sunday.

One posted on X, formerly Twitter, “Cesar Chavez used to organize union workers to beat illegal aliens within an inch of their life and then drop them off in the desert, so he was definitely inspirational.”

Another noted the holy day that happened to fall on the civil rights leader’s birthday. “Anything but Easter, we get it.”

A user referred to his well-known radicalism with, “He was a Saul Alinsky Marxist/Communist. Of course you’re celebrating him.” Another concurred, remembering that Chavez was “a STONE COLD MARXIST/COMMUNIST. Shame on you!”

Pelosi’s proclamation came on the heels of the Biden White House declaring the day’s significance for people who believe they are the opposite gender to the one they were born into. More than in any previous year, the Easter holiday was drowned out by leftist celebrations.

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