Paul Ryan Lauds Johnson Caving To Biden White House

Former Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan celebrated current Speaker Mike Johnson’s (R-LA) handing over the reins of the lower chamber to the Biden White House last week. Despite being the minority, Democrats pushed through tens of billions more in taxpayer dollars to Ukraine.

To Ryan, who submitted to leftist control often when he held the gavel, this was somehow a victory.

Ryan told Axios Tuesday that Johnson came into his own by championing the expenditure to Kyiv. The current Speaker, “found his footing…and his voice…he did it as a statesman, risking his own personal political future for the greater good that he believes in.”

That “greater good” apparently was not leveraging his power to secure the southern border and ensure that money pouring into Eastern Europe is accounted for. 

Ryan, as he did in Congress, clearly spoke the viewpoint of the Washington establishment. That opinion, however, did not reflect what many in the Republican base feel is a boondoggle and a waste of taxpayer funds.

It was not long ago when Republicans won control of the House and promised huge results for voters putting them back into power. Taxes would be lowered, Biden would be impeached and accountability would return to the government.

That clearly has not been the case.

Hundreds of billions continue to be wasted, Biden remains largely unscathed and his leftist agenda marches on.

The House in recent days caved on warrantless domestic spying and yet more money for Ukraine. Former Speaker Kevin McCarthy paid for his deal with the White House over a spending agreement with his job.

And still the GOP leadership does not draw a line in the sand against the administration’s irresponsible policies. 

The one House impeachment was quickly derailed by Senate Democrats, and the action against the president appears to have lost steam. The left impeached Trump at will, but Republicans armed with mountains of evidence accomplished little to nothing.

Meanwhile, the border remained wide open. Millions pour into the country as Democrats intend to rip apart the American social fabric. Fentanyl from Mexico and China continues to destroy lives and bring heartbreak to U.S. families.

Under Republican control of the House, Biden’s weaponized federal agencies persist in targeting conservatives for persecution.

And now Ryan is pleased with Johnson’s leadership. This speaks volumes, but not what the former Speaker meant to say.  

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