Over 5,400 NYPD Officers Injured On Duty In 2023

New York City remains in the firm grip of Biden’s wholly intentional migrant crisis, and the news is getting worse. Officials now project that a staggering 5,400 officers were injured by suspects in the city last year.

Several recent events, including the viral footage of a mob of illegal migrants pummeling two NYPD officers near Times Square, demonstrate the grip the deluge of illegals from around the globe has on the city.

Figures for 2022 showed 4,724 officers injured by suspects, an alarming 20% increase over 2021.

While the numbers for 2023 are not final, records revealed that 4,077 officers were injured in the first nine months of the year. That may be used to project a yearly total of approximately 5,436.

Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Hendry told the New York Post that the numbers represent “a full-blown epidemic.”

Hendry explained that “the vicious attacks on police officers we’ve seen recently did not come out of nowhere. This dangerous environment has been building for years…It’s not going to get better until those who attack police officers are consistently prosecuted and kept in jail.”

The obvious recent example is the attack by a throng of illegal migrants on the two officers. Hendry’s assessment of the situation faced by law enforcement was proven when only one of the illegals arrested was even jailed.

Many of the suspects are believed to have bolted for California when they were shockingly released.

Radical Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg succumbed to pressure last Thursday when he announced new felony charges on seven of the alleged attackers.

But again, they were already long gone after being immediately released with no bail.

One female NYPD officer told the Post that “everyone wants to fight” now when confronted by law enforcement. The Upper West Side policewoman recounted being hurt on the job recently while attempting to handcuff a shoplifting suspect.

She said he resisted to the point where she sprained her hand restraining him. The officer added, “He got out the same day.”

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