NYC Mothers Sue Far-Left School Officials Who Censor Conservatives

A trio of fed-up New York City moms filed a federal lawsuit against radical extremist school officials for allegedly “weaponizing their disdain” of conservative viewpoints.

Deborah Alexander, Noah Harlan and Maud Maron are represented by the Institute of Free Speech. In the filing, the group declared that First Amendment rights prohibit education leaders from enforcing conformity to a single point of view.

The target of the suit is the controversial Community Educational Council for District 14 (CDC 14). Group President Tajh Sutton and Vice President Marissa Manzanares are alleged to have emphatically suppressed free speech and dissent through tyrannical practices.

The mothers further assert that the controversial leftist duo is assisted by New York Public Schools Chancellor David Banks and NYPS equity compliance officer Nina Mickens. Both are also named as defendants.

Sutton is a well-known extremist who called for defunding the police, an outspoken proponent of COVID-19 vaccine mandates and a steering committee member of Black Lives Matter. 

Like her cohort, Manzanares is accused of striving to censor dissenting voices and using CEC 14 as a tool to propagate radical ideologies. Stringent speech codes are in place and parent groups, including Moms for Liberty, have been blocked from public events.

The suit demands that the oppressive measure end and that each plaintiff be awarded $17.91, along with attorney fees. The parents assert that Sutton and Manzanares simply do not tolerate “the presence of people who disagree with them.”

According to the lawsuit, “such an approach to life is not lawful. But Sutton and Manzanares bring this attitude into their roles.”

The defendants use virtual meetings to exercise total control over the discourse. Without having sessions in person, they are able to edit what is said by parents and have even blocked Harlan and Alexander from registering to virtually attend these gatherings.

The education group is also accused of harboring a “strong anti-Israel worldview.” CEC 14 is credited with organizing a citywide student walkout last November to protest Israel’s response to the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist massacre of 1,200 of its citizens.

When parents objected to the group’s support of the walkout, the suit said they were cut off and expelled.


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