NYC Giving Illegals $1000 Pre-Paid Cards

New York City has begun providing illegal immigrants with visa cards preloaded with $1000. The cards will be reloaded every month and can only be used for food and baby products per an affidavit signed by recipients. 

There is no confirmation if a “pinky swear promise” will be used as an additional safeguard against improper usage of the cards. 

The $53 million dollar program is described as enabling the migrants to purchase “culturally relevant” meals. Contractors already provide daily meals to the migrants, but many of them get thrown in the garbage. Migrants often complain the food is not to their liking. 

New York’s illegal population is already swelling to unsustainable levels. Shelters are full, and long-term housing is being provided in hotel rooms at a cost of $137 million annually. When the relentless streams of immigration consumed nearly all available hotel rooms, children were displaced from schools so the facilities could be used to house illegals. 

The Big Apple’s budget is already bloated with many fiscally irresponsible social programs.  The pre-paid cards will add tens of millions of dollars to this increasingly unmanageable crisis. The “City that never sleeps” will soon become the city that never pays off its debt. 

The nation’s largest city has also made headlines recently for releasing four migrant suspects without bail who were filmed violently assaulting police officers. It has been pointed out that the tsunami of immigration to New York will only worsen as conditions are made more favorable. In addition to free hotel rooms and cash-filled visa cards, violent crimes can apparently be perpetrated with no repercussions more serious than “catch and release.” This serves as a magnet for the criminal class of immigrants. 

Democrat Mayor Eric Adams has been very vocal that the ever-increasing flow of illegals has taxed New York’s resources to the limit. However, he sends a very mixed message through actions and policies that provide many incentives for more migrants to continue to arrive. Many of the busloads of illegals sent to the “sanctuary city” by Republican governors may have chosen New York on their own anyway. Word travels rapidly about $1000 per month in free money. 

The migrants would likely get the message courtesy of the free smartphones provided by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for “tracking” purposes.

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