New York Squatters Demand To Be Named Property ‘Heirs’

A pair of audacious New York squatters now demand to be named “heirs” to an abandoned property they descended upon. The two reportedly tricked a judge into getting rights to the $900,000 Long Island residence and reside there with their small child and a pit bull.

The New York Post reported that 29-year-old Denton Gayle and 19-year-old Margaret Grover terrorized their North Hempstead neighbors while squatting on the property.

The alleged freeloaders have a Porsche parked in the home’s driveway.

Gayle and Glover were kicked out of the residence last October after being reported for having their son in unlivable conditions without working bathrooms, heat or electricity.

Members of the family that previously owned the residence passed away, and a building inspection report from the town found the dwelling “unlivable.”

But then a Nassau County judge allowed the couple to return to the home after they showed documents claiming to have a rent agreement with the previous owner. That owner had been dead for years. 

That didn’t stop Gayle and Glover from producing a lease in July with the owner’s faked signature. Edward Iacono died in 2016, but the couple claimed he signed the document last year.

Attorneys for the U.S. National Bank Association noted the obvious discrepancy, but the squatters had already been permitted to return to the residence. The financial group seeks to foreclose on the structure.

The lawyers wrote Tuesday that the lease is clearly fraudulent as it claims to have Iacono’s signature from last July. This was noted along with a copy of the death certificate after the two squatters asked to be declared “heirs.”

The same Nassau Housing Court Judge, Christopher Coschignano, who was duped by the couple last year issued an eviction notice against the pair. But as many across the country have discovered, this is a long and winding process.

And the duo continue to claim they believe they signed an authentic lease with a person they thought to be Iacono last summer.

Their attorney, William Igbokwe, defended his clients by saying the squatters only want to do the right thing.

He explained, “We’re not trying to play the system or ask for anything unfair, the thing they’re asking for here will allow us to be able to add our own voice and testimony to the record as the Courts try to determine what happened here and what the next steps are.”

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  • M
    April 8, 2024

    Not only should they be evicted, they should pay back rent to whoever owns the house. The biggest idiots in the world created these squatter rights which has no logic involved. Someone should kidnap the lawmaker who passed this legislation and have a squatter come into their house until they can legally occupy the house then let them go and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

  • J
    April 9, 2024

    Border Jumpers have no right to anythiong but a plane ride home.

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