New Jersey First Lady Launches Bid For Senate

Tammy Murphy, wife of New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D), announced on Wednesday that she is preparing to launch her primary campaign to challenge Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) in next year’s election. 

Murphy shared a video of her announcement online in which she detailed her successes as first lady of the Garden State. She has prioritized maternal and infant mortality, seeking to reduce both and raise awareness for safety measures that prevent them. 

Murphy has also focused her efforts on adding climate change to New Jersey schools’ education requirements — a decision that wasn’t favored by all.

Alongside the video, she shared a statement:

“We need a Senator who will work every single day to lower the cost of living, protect abortion rights, end the gun violence epidemic, and defend our democracy.”

Ashley Hayek told Newsmax on Wednesday that Murphy is “just another leftist Democrat who wants to indoctrinate your kids.”

But what was more obvious in watching her video announcement was what was left out. Menendez isn’t mentioned a single time, despite the fact that she is gunning for his seat, knowing he was indicted on federal charges for bribery in September. 

Murphy’s narration, however, as a video montage plays on showcasing him was poignant, noting, “Right now, Washington is filled with too many people who are more interested in getting rich or getting on camera than in getting things done for you.”

Murphy is not groomed for politics in the same fashion as many who’ve come before her, but her role as first lady shouldn’t be diminished as less-than-important, or at least that’s what the democratic base claims.

While over 30 Democratic Senators and the New Jersey governor have called for Menendez to step down, he has expressed that he has every intention of combating the charges against him and continuing on with his campaign for reelection. 

Should Murphy rise to the occasion and defeat Rep. Andy Kim (D-NJ), she would serve as the first female to represent New Jersey in the Senate.

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