Neoconservative John Bolton: ‘I’ll Write In Dick Cheney’

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton said on Thursday that he will write in a vote for Dick Cheney in the upcoming presidential election. In an interview with CNN, he said it would mark the second time he’s written in Cheney’s name after doing the same in 2020. Bolton, who has been openly critical of Joe Biden and his former boss, President Donald Trump, described Cheney as a “principled Reaganite conservative” and claimed that Cheney’s advanced age is not a concern in today’s political climate.


Cheney, who served as Vice President under George W. Bush, has been a controversial figure. He is especially known for advocating the Iraq War and multiple other foreign misadventures. “And I think you do an immensely better job than either Trump or Biden,” Bolton told the friendly CNN host.



John Bolton’s disdain for Trump’s governance and national security approach is well-documented. Since he departed from the White House in 2019, Bolton has often accused Trump of inappropriately handling major national security issues, including allegations that Trump’s leadership could potentially lead to the U.S. withdrawing from NATO and “celebrating foreign adversaries.”


Bolton’s choice to back Cheney, and potentially his hawkish daughter, former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), in the future signals a clear division within conservative ranks, particularly among those who prioritize interventionist foreign policy strategies and endless war over Trump’s America First agenda.  


This move by Bolton points to the ongoing struggle within the party to define its future direction — whether to continue in the vein of Trump’s nationalist policies or revert to a neoconservative foreign nation-building approach that weakens America’s military defense capabilities as embodied by figures like Cheney.


President Trump has expressed significant dissatisfaction with Bolton’s service, which often conflicts with Trump’s strategies, especially concerning military withdrawals and diplomatic negotiations.  


Bolton’s persistent criticism of Trump and his divergence from the current Republican mainstream underscore a broader ideological battle within the party. His alignment with Cheney represents a neoconservative revisionism of the Reagan era designed to justify every foreign war imaginable around the globe.  


Whether Bolton’s position will sway any conservative or independent voters in 2024 remains to be seen. Still, it undoubtedly sets the stage for continued debates over the Republican Party’s identity and direction.



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