Migrant Flights Into US Backed By Former Presidents

The three commanders-in-chief who preceded President Donald Trump have joined an effort to fly illegal migrants into the United States. Democrats Bill Clinton and Barack Obama joined Republican George W. Bush in backing the Miles4Migrants program.

The program utilizes credit card reward miles and donations to fund the flight of migrants from Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti, Nicaragua and Ukraine to the United States. 

The organization was originally founded to aid Afghan refugees after the United States withdrew from the country in 2021. The program aided the transfer of about 85,000 Afghan refugees to the United States.

The organization’s website states that the organization’s values “reflect our commitment to and respect for displaced persons.” 

The group also stated that it empowers “volunteers and donors to stand in solidarity with those we support.”

Support for the program also comes at a time of historically high illegal immigration to the United States. This significant increase of migrants attempting to cross the southern border expanded sharply under the administration of President Joe Biden.

The number of contacts between Customs and Border Patrol and migrants reached an all-time high in 2022. In December of that year, the interactions reached a recent high of more than 250,000. By comparison, in April 2020, during the Trump administration, such crossings were just over 17,000.

A poll earlier this year found that 63% of Americans were dissatisfied with the country’s immigration system.

Those satisfied with the system clocked in at just 28%. This was the lowest such rating in nearly 20 years. The highest satisfaction on the subject in Gallup’s history was in 2018 under Trump, at 41%. 

Among Republicans, 71% of Republicans believe that current immigration levels are too high.

The Biden administration also received considerable criticism from conservatives over policies they believe fostered increased border crossings. Some Republicans seek the impeachment of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) submitted a bill calling for the impeachment of the Biden White House official “for high crimes and misdemeanors related to his actions regarding border security and immigration.”

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