Meta’s AI Chatbot Raises Eyebrows By Defending Censorship Of Legal Free Speech

Meta’s newly launched artificial intelligence chatbot Meta AI has come under scrutiny for its apparent bias against free speech. When asked about the censorship of speech, especially so-called “hate speech,” the chatbot provided arguments both for and against censorship without mentioning the established U.S. principles of freedom of speech enshrined in the Constitution.

Meta AI asserted “That’s a complex and sensitive topic! Social media censorship is a debated issue with valid arguments both for and against.” The chatbot listed “Arguments for censorship” including protecting users from hate speech violence and harmful content as well as preventing the spread of disinformation and misinformation.

While the AI chatbot acknowledged that censorship curtails freedom of speech and expression and can be biased, it omitted any reference to the constitutional right to free speech in America. Director of MRC Free Speech America, Michael Morris, criticized the chatbot’s approach saying “Time and again the left has shown that it is all too willing to bend U.S. standards on speech, often citing potential harms and mis- or disinformation as justifications for silencing their opposition.”

Meta’s AI even doubled down on the importance of limiting “hate speech,” a subjective term that can be easily misapplied. The chatbot’s stance has raised concerns about Meta’s commitment to upholding American principles of free speech on its platforms.


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