Medvedev: Russia Would Utilize Nuclear Arsenal Against NATO

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned Wednesday that an all-out war between his country and NATO would lead to nuclear conflict. He said Moscow would be left with no choice but to resort to its massive arsenal.

Writing on Telegram, Medvedev insisted the Kremlin does not seek a conflict with the bloc. That would draw the United States directly into war and produce a showdown between the world’s two leading nuclear superpowers.

Medvedev currently serves as the deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council.

The leader attempted to counter the narrative of some Western leaders that Moscow is pushing for open conflict with NATO. His government repeatedly asserted that it does not intend to expand the current war past Ukraine.

Medvedev accused the European Union of engaging in “dangerous drivel” concerning relations with the Kremlin. He further expressed his belief that such talk is intended to shift voters’ attention away from the tens of billions thrown at Ukraine’s defense.

He accused politicians of throwing up the possibility of direct war with Russia to avoid spotlighting domestic issues.

It is also, Medvedev declared, justification for continued military aid to Kyiv.

The Russian official emphasized the need for his country to take drastic measures if war broke out with NATO. He said such action would warrant an “asymmetric” response from the Kremlin.

Russia’s military might, he noted, does not compare with the U.S. and its NATO allies. “Ballistic and cruise missiles with special warheads will be used to protect the territorial integrity of our country. Medvedev warned.

He added that due to the disparity of arsenals between the two sides, “we simply will have no choice.”

Medvedev called this event the “notorious apocalypse, the end of everything.” He asserted that Moscow’s position in the event of such a war is “well known to everyone.”

He urged Western political leaders to tell their constituents the truth of what would actually transpire if this war were initiated. Medvedev, the president from 2008 to 2012, cautioned against restating “the false mantra about readiness for war with Russia.” 

Ominously, the Russian business newspaper Kommersant reported this week on a new program by the Russian Education Ministry. It will instruct high school students on the effects of nuclear war “as well as methods of protection.” 

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