Louisiana Poised To Become 28th Constitutional Carry State

Even as anti-gun extremists dig in their heels across the nation, yet another state is ready to enact constitutional carry for its law-abiding citizens. The Louisiana Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday advanced legislation to do just that.

New Gov. Jeff Landry (R) already pledged to sign the bill into law if and when it reaches his desk.

According to the National Rifle Association, Senate Bill 1 “strengthens the right to self-defense in Louisiana by recognizing the right of any law-abiding adult who is at least 18 years old to carry a concealed firearm without first having to obtain government permission.” 

Louisiana lawmakers are currently in a special session called to address the explosion in violent crime in the southern state. 

Republican state Sen. Blake Miquez, an SB 1 sponsor, acknowledged the crisis that grips the populace. “Crime is rampant. We are offering law-abiding citizens limited options to defend themselves and their property.”

Tuesday’s committee vote was 6-1, with the lone dissension coming from Democratic state Sen. Regina Barrow.

If successful, the constitutional carry push would make Louisiana the 28th state to enshrine this basic freedom for its upstanding citizens. Miguez said the bill merely affords the right to these residents to do what their criminal counterparts are already engaged in.

The senator explained, “This bill is about making Louisiana a safer place since criminals already carry concealed firearms without regard to the law. Affording this right to the citizenry, Miguez declared, “simply puts law-abiding citizens on equal footing.”

The fight for constitutional carry goes back years in Louisiana. In 2021, lawmakers approved the measure only to helplessly watch as Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards vetoed it.

While possessing what appeared to be a veto-proof majority, a few Republicans abandoned their principles and voted against overriding the governor’s pen.

This should not be the case under Landry.

In his opening speech to the joint session on Monday, the Republican reiterated his vow to sign the measure into law. “This body has repeatedly passed it. Now you have a governor who will sign it.”

Some New Orleans officials expressed their opposition to constitutional carry, but state Sen. John “Jay” Morris (R) disagreed. “There are people all over the city of New Orleans illegally carrying weapons. Are there not?”

He added that the criminal element is not concerned with the law.

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