Kamala Harris: Battle Of Gettysburg Equals Ferguson Riots

Perhaps the most absurd statement ever uttered by a Vice President of the United States is Kamala Harris’ pandemic-era bit of rubbish: “Protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated”. Or – perhaps the most Orwellian statement, or both. 

This week on Martin Luther King Day, Kamala Harris added to her moron hall of fame career. In her speech to an NAACP event in South Carolina, she compared the 2014 Ferguson riots to the Battle of Gettysburg. Yes, she went there. 

“Generation after generation, on the fields of Gettysburg, in the schools of Little Rock, on the grounds of this state house, on the streets of Ferguson, and on the floor of the Tennessee House of Representatives, we the people have always fought to make the promise of freedom real.” 

The 2014 riots in Ferguson, Missouri occurred after the shooting death of Michael Brown, a Black teenage thug wannabe. He was shot by White police officer Darren Wilson following a robbery in which Brown stole a box of cigars. 

Brown was described by the mainstream press as being an “unarmed” victim, yet he stood 6’4”, weighed over 300 pounds and attempted to take Officer Wilson’s gun. Brown indeed outweighed Wilson by almost 100 pounds. Yet the pictures of Brown shown on virtually all mainstream news coverage depicted a much younger, baby-faced little boy. 

Both a state grand jury and President Barack Obama’s Justice Department investigated the incident and cleared Wilson of any wrongdoing. Brown committed a robbery, he was confronted by a police officer, and not only did Brown not comply with orders, he attempted to take the officer’s weapon. In the process of defending himself, Officer Darren Wilson fatally shot Micheal Brown. 

The upshot is that Brown played stupid games and won the stupid grand prize. Skin color had no bearing on the situation. If Brown were a White 6’4” 300-pound man trying to take Officer Wilson’s gun, he’d have suffered the same fate — but no one would have heard of him. White policemen shooting White criminals is uninteresting. There would be no weekend extravaganza filled with events that basically canonize a man who tried to kill a police officer to avoid petty theft charges. 

All of that made little difference to mobs of looters who mourned Brown’s death by burning down businesses, throwing Molotov cocktails and engaging in various forms of “peaceful protests” both in Ferguson and nationwide. The rock and roll band Shinedown in their song “America Burning” described it well:  “Who doesn’t love a parade with gasoline and grenades?” 

Of course, our vice president has at least been consistent through the years with her absurd takes on the incident. During her 2019 presidential campaign, Harris referred to Brown’s death as a “murder.”

The Battle of Gettysburg ended the American Civil War in 1863. A total of 51,000 people died in this decisive battle. The Civil War as a whole saw over 620,000 deaths, which is more than all other U.S. wars combined. This massive loss of life was the cost of ending the evil of slavery. The Union’s victory led directly to the passage of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments to the United States Constitution, which protected the rights and citizenship status of Blacks. 

Incidentally, when the debate about “reparations” for slavery arises, the above facts are useful for pointing out what has already been paid. Many White people died so that slavery could pass into history. 

Vice President Harris wants to liken arson, vandalism and looting of communities by their own residents to a bitter and bloody war that was fought to unite the country rather than divide it. 

Kamala Harris’ race card is officially over its spending limit.

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