Illegal Migration Protest Convoy Rallies In 3 States

The impressive convoy of hundreds of truck drivers protesting Biden’s open border rallied in three states in recent days to drive their point home. The “Take Our Border Back” demonstration wound its way last week from Virginia to Texas to highlight the crisis.

Big rigs converged at the Cornerstone Children’s Ranch in Quemado, which is only 20 miles from Eagle Pass. That crossing has become the epicenter of the standoff between state and federal officials over the mess.

Trenis Evans addressed the rally and noted the common link between the hundreds of truckers and those gathered to make their voices heard.

He noted that “the mission here is the border, that’s what we’re here for.” That brought people together who travel the country for a living and keep commerce moving.

Their concerns cover the millions of unvetted illegals now allowed to pour into the nation. And while many are seeking economic opportunities and to escape from injustice, there are many others who have sinister motives that will only be discovered after they are allowed to gain entry.

By then, it is too late.

The convoy, dubbed “God’s Army,” made previous stops in Florida and Louisiana to bring people together and focus on the danger to the U.S. Organizers say they are battling globalists who actively seek to erase American borders and fundamentally change the country.

The leaders put out word for active and retired law enforcement, veterans and elected officials to join their cause.

Texas is currently embroiled in a legal dispute with the White House and Democratic President Joe Biden. The U.S. Supreme Court recently sided with the administration and permitted federal agents to remove razor wire installed by the state to attempt to stem the border invasion.

Lone Star State officials sued the federal government after Border Patrol agents began removing wire.

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott declared the matter was far from settled. The high court did not prohibit state officials from erecting more barriers, and Texas continues to fight the deluge of illegal migrants.

The convoy was just the latest example of U.S. citizens responding to Washington’s calculated move to allow millions to gain unfettered access to the nation.

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