Illegal Migration From Africa And Asia Triples


President Joe Biden’s open southern border continues to invite the unvetted from far-flung regions of the globe. Recently released data showed the number of illegal migrant encounters from Africa and Asia tripled in just the past year to 214,000.

In 2022, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reported that figure was only 70,000. Shockingly, at the end of former President Donald Trump’s administration it was a paltry 19,000.

The most recent figure represents a more than 1,000% increase during Biden’s disastrous tenure in the White House. The U.S. is now the dumping ground for worldwide illegal migration.

The Wall Street Journal spoke with Enrique Lucero, the head of the migrant support unit in Tijuana, Mexico. He noted the “remarkable surge in illegal migration from Africa and Asia.”

Tijuana officials, he reported, now face 120 nationalities and 60 different languages when encountering those entering the U.S. 

CBP statistics revealed 2023 was the second straight fiscal year in which illegal migrant encounters along the nation’s border with Mexico topped two million. The majority continue to be from Central and South America, but the makeup of the migrants is rapidly changing.

Deporting illegals to continents outside of the Western Hemisphere is a time-consuming and expensive process for the federal government. A U.S. official told the outlet that ties and agreements with many of the various points of origin are not in place but are being worked on.

As for the mass invaders, they are utilizing technology like never before to make their way to Biden’s southern border for quick passage. Mexican authorities report they are using TikTok and Facebook to share routes and other details for their trips into the U.S.

The most common start to the journey is a flight into Brazil, Ecuador or Nicaragua. These nations do not have stringent visa requirements for foreign nationals.

Then the illegal migrants make their way to hotels where they are usually housed by paid smugglers.

They even wear braces similar to an amusement park to identify their grouping.

Illegal immigrants from India generally fly into Mexico City or even Canada from Europe. The latter led to a rapid increase in interdictions at the northern border, which is quickly becoming a problem area on its own under Biden’s “leadership.”

The last fiscal year saw a 73% explosion in northern border encounters, which paled in comparison to the almost sevenfold increase from the Trump years.

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