Illegal Migrants Riot, Destroy Fence At El Paso Border

A destructive riot erupted on Biden’s porous southern border Thursday when a swarm of more than 100 illegal migrants rushed the barrier. The frenzied group broke through the razor wire and attacked U.S. guards doing their jobs.

The New York Post reported an initial gathering of roughly 600 illegals wanting entry into the country.

The Texas National Guard attempted to divide them into smaller groups, and that’s when the trouble started. Some women and children were separated from adult males, who then became violent. 

The massive group then rushed the five Texas officers guarding the border. The illegals pulled fencing down and made their way through the sharp wire as the guards attempted to contain the onslaught.

The armed Texas officers stood their ground amid the chaos. There were instances where the migrants made contact with the Americans, prompting a physical response from the National Guard.

Some of the illegals raised their hands in the air as if to surrender, but others ran forward and even pushed their way through the guards’ legs and forced them out of the way.

Post reporter Jennie Taer observed that the “National Guard became overrun by migrants rioting to get across the border here in El Paso today.” She wrote on X, formerly Twitter, that “we were there and saw it all happen. Absolute chaos here.”

Mexican photojournalist J. Omar Ornelas also reported from the incident on X. He noted the rampaging migrants were from Africa, Central America, Columbia and Venezuela.

Ornelas posted that “hundreds of migrants were pushed south of the concertina wire in the middle of the night by Texas National Guard. Hours later they again breached the concertina and made a rush for the border wall in El Paso, Texas.”

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott responded to the federal government’s inattention to border security by installing various barriers. Razor wire and floating obstacles are common sights in the El Paso area.

The barriers are part of the state’s multi-billion dollar Operation Lone Star, which was launched in March 2021. The program is fiercely opposed by the Biden administration, which actively pursues an open border.

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    March 23, 2024

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