Illegal Chinese Migrants Pouring Across Biden’s Open Border

Illegal Chinese migrants are the fastest growing segment of the millions of people from all corners of the globe racing across President Joe Biden’s open southern border.

This alarming fact was exposed recently by CBS News’ “60 Minutes,’ which featured a lengthy segment on the phenomenon. The outlet sent cameras to a busy illegal crossing point in southern California that showed a virtual constant stream of migrants invading the U.S.

They exploited a gap in the fence over a period of several days without resistance from American officials. 

The outlet reported that the number of illegal migrants from Communist China skyrocketed to 37,000 last year. That’s a staggering 50 times more than just two years before.

And many are middle-class Chinese citizens who bought air passage to Ecuador due to its nonexistent visa requirements. From there they flew to Tijuana and connected with human smugglers to get them to the U.S. border.

How was the seemingly orderly process so detailed and organized? TikTok.

Reporters found the controversial Chinese app featured step-by-step instructions to get each of the illegals to the border. From there they merely walked another half a mile before surrendering to Border Patrol officials. 

The CBS crew reported groups of illegal migrants were being dropped off at the site roughly every 30 minutes. Just through one gap in the fence, the reporters over a four-day period witnessed some 600 adult and child migrants enter the country unchecked.

And the masses were far from the poor migrants Democrats would have you believe.

The news crew met bankers and people who said they owned small businesses in China. Many had dusty backpacks but others carried nicer rolling luggage across the border.

Of course, for any of the unvetted entrants into the U.S. this could be merely a cover story. No one is going to readily admit they are here for less than honorable purposes that do not involve asylum claims, but it is undoubtedly true for many.

Each of them reportedly paid roughly $400 for the one-hour trip to the hole in the fence. 

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