Hunter Biden’s Art Dealer Testified He Was Cheated

Testimony before the House Oversight and Judiciary committees last week revealed first son Hunter Biden cheated his art dealer, Georges Berges, over high-end exhibits.

Berges told lawmakers that being stiffed for his expenses led him to sever his business relationship with Biden. “It was a little bit more than I could chew…So I haven’t agreed to renew that contract now.”

When asked who paid for Hunter’s art exhibits that raked in inexplicably enormous sale prices, Berges confirmed that they came out of his pocket. “I’m still bitter about a lot of that stuff,” he told congressional investigators.

This is hardly the first time the younger Biden has reneged on large debts. The Los Angeles Times reported he walked away from a nearly $5 million obligation for a residence, car loan and legal services.

The New York City art dealer said he gambled on Biden’s integrity “and it didn’t really pay off.” Berges recalled he did the framing and shipping and had to expedite the process.

Of more immediate concern to investigators is the revelation that Hunter Biden knew the identities of about 70% of his art buyers. This flatly contradicted the administration’s assertion that the first son was “not involved in the sale or discussions about the sale of his art.”

In fact, Biden was said to have demanded a clause in his agreement with the art gallery for buyers to be revealed.

He was to receive “a list of names of purchasers of works with prices…on a quarterly basis.” This agreement was signed in October 2020.

However, the White House the next year still insisted that the younger Biden had a contract with the gallery for the purchasers to remain anonymous. This was intended to be a gallant display of principles and good character. 

But, then again, it’s Hunter Biden being discussed.

Berges told committee members that Hunter knew most of the purchasers of his work. One of the generous benefactors was Elizabeth Hirsh Naftali, who acquired her piece of art history after receiving a plum presidential appointment from Joe Biden.

Other paintings were purchased by Hunter Biden’s reputed “sugar brother” Kevin Morris, a Tinseltown attorney. He forked over a cool $875,000 for Hunter’s productions along with paying off his $2 million federal tax obligation.

Biden is reported to have taught himself to paint after his legal career was derailed.

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