House Budget Committee Report: Half Of New Jobs Going To Immigrants, Including Illegal Ones

A report released by the House Budget Committee on Friday has revealed that more than half of all new jobs in the United States are being filled by immigrants, including those who are in the country illegally. This finding comes on the heels of the Labor Department’s May jobs report, which showed a slight decrease in labor participation from 62.7% in April to 62.5% in May, and a marginal increase in the unemployment rate from 3.9% to 4%.

According to the Washington Times, immigrants have secured 840,000 new jobs since November. The House report also highlighted that despite the creation of 272,000 new jobs in May, the number of unemployed individuals in the country rose from 6.5 million in April to 6.6 million.

Committee chairman Jodey Arrington criticized the Biden administration, stating, “Reports show that upwards of half the job gains under Biden have come from illegal immigrants, which belies a far weaker economy than Democrats want you to believe. Biden’s illegal immigrant crisis has conveniently served as a ‘two-for’ – shoring up his vote tally and padding his dismal unemployment numbers.”

While Democrats celebrated the overall state of the economy and highlighted 40 months of strong job growth, House Republicans slammed the report, pointing out that certain demographics, including Asian Americans, blacks, and Hispanics, experienced an increase in unemployment in May.

The report has reignited the debate surrounding immigration and its impact on the U.S. job market, with Republicans accusing the Biden administration of using illegal immigration to bolster economic figures and secure votes.

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