Harlem Supporters Greet Trump, Chant ‘Four More Years’

With former President Donald Trump’s criminal hush-money trial underway in New York City, his ability to travel across the nation as part of his current White House bid has been hampered significantly.

Nevertheless, the presumptive Republican nominee has made the most of his position with prominent appearances throughout the Big Apple — and despite the city’s clear Democratic bias, crowds have shown up to express their support of his campaign for a second term.

Trump made an appearance at a store in Harlem on Tuesday where he offered a scathing rebuke of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. In addition to pursuing the charges against Trump, Bragg also prosecuted Jose Alba, an employee at the bodega who fatally stabbed Austin Simon during an apparent robbery attempt in 2022. 

Although the evidence seemed to suggest that Alba’s action was a clear-cut example of self-defense, he was initially  charged with murder. Public backlash against Bragg’s office prompted the charges to be dismissed, though Alba was reportedly so shaken up over the experience that he returned to his native country, the Dominican Republic. 

The former president kicked off his casual campaign stop by vowing that his administration is “going to be saving America” following four years of President Joe Biden.

His promise evoked resounding approval from those gathered nearby, including chants of “USA” and “four more years.”

Referencing his own legal issues brought about by the district attorney, he added: “There’s no crime. You know where the crime is? In the bodegas where they come and rob them every week. Alvin Bragg does nothing. He goes after guys like Trump who did nothing wrong.”

Trump went on to advise those working in such dangerous locations to remain on high alert.

“You should be allowed to have a gun,” he added. “If you had a gun, you’d never get robbed. You’d never get robbed. That would be the end of it.”

While acknowledging it is an uphill battle for any Republican presidential candidate to win in New York City, Trump asserted that he is “making a big play” to achieve such an upset victory.

“I love this city, and it’s gone so bad in the last three years, four years, and we’re going to straighten New York out,” he concluded.

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