Greene Blasts $60 Billion Ukraine Aid Package And Speaker Johnson

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) did not pull punches after the disappointing House vote on Saturday to send yet another $60 billion to Ukraine. The Republican unleashed her fury to journalists gathered on the Capitol steps.


The Georgia congresswoman called the latest expenditure part of a “sick business model that the American government continues.”


And the conservative hardly stopped there. “This is a business model the American people do not support. They don’t support a business model that is built on blood, murder and war in foreign countries while this very government does nothing to secure our border.”


Greene correctly noted that this foreign aid boondoggle comes at a time when U.S. taxpayers are over $34 trillion in debt.


And the staggering interest on that total soars every day while Congress worries more about foreign wars than the invasion happening right under their noses at the southern border.


Because of Biden’s inflation, average Americans struggle with fundamental expenses such as “food, healthcare or childcare,” Greene declared, “yet the U.S. continues to fund wars in foreign countries.” 



The contentious new bill was months in the making and expended much political capital from Speaker Johnson. The Louisiana Republican worked through multiple revisions to secure the 311-112 vote in favor of more aid to Kyiv.


A total of 210 Democrats voted for tens of billions of dollars for yet another foreign conflict. Meanwhile, 101 Republicans were in favor and 112 voted against the measure.


Greene introduced a motion in March to push Johnson aside. She explained his lack of leadership in halting such massive outlays and securing the southern border as reasons to vacate his position.


After Saturday’s vote by the House, Democrats stood and waved a host of Ukrainian flags in the U.S. Capitol. This did not sit well with Greene, who posted a video on X, formerly Twitter, calling the display of patriotism for another nation “despicable.”


Other outspoken Republicans, including Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL), took issue with the display. She boldly approached the microphone and told Democrats to “put those d— flags away.”

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