Gina Carano Exposes Disney’s Manipulation Through Bots


Actress Gina Carano on Thursday shed light on Disney’s interest in purchasing X, formerly Twitter, asserting that in 2016 CEO Bob Iger was “inches away” from making the deal.

She said he retreated in light of the existence of massive amounts of “bot” accounts that served his company’s interests. Instead of laying out billions for the popular social media platform, an army of fake accounts could be assembled at a fraction of the cost.

The headache of actually owning the company could be avoided while control of the narrative was still in place.

Disney, Carano said, determined that these bots could spread their messaging without it appearing to be self-promotion. “Look,” she explained, “It’s popular on all these accounts, strangely liked by a bunch of accounts with no names, it must be good.”

Bots then became a double-edged sword for Disney. They served as a reason to not purchase the platform outright as well as supporters for the company’s agenda through massive amounts of these imaginary accounts with strikingly few followers.

Carano posted on X that YouTubers critical of Disney were effective in gaining followers and thus traction. The company’s response, the actress implied, was to censor them and launch their bot armies to tear down their credibility.

On a personal level, Carano noted Disney management attacked her over a tweet she said was purposefully misinterpreted to make her appear antisemitic. This gave the company cause to fire the conservative actress.

Once a mixed martial arts fighter, Carano rose to stardom and took a prominent role in Disney’s “The Mandalorian.” Her abrupt departure, her supporters believe, came about due to her courageous stands on COVID mandates and other controversial issues.

Issues that Disney disagreed with. 

All it took was to get a hashtag trending through the bot army, have her words twisted, and report the “outrage” as fact.

The once-family entertainment giant concluded that control of the X platform was unnecessary. In Carano’s case and with others, being able to manipulate the narrative to the point where the media buys into it was enough to accomplish their leftist goals.

This happened, she asserted, as the company labeled her posting “abhorrent” and fired her in a high-profile move. 

This has not ended her career, far from it. Carrano last year starred in the Ben Shapiro-produced “Terror on the Prairie.”

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