German Truckers Join Farmers In Massive Protest Green Policies

The European Union’s largest economy continued to grind to a standstill Monday as thousands of farmers and now truckers clogged transportation corridors. The masses are vehemently protesting green agenda policies specifically aimed at their livelihoods.

Authorities pulled out all stops to counteract the protest, including turning trucks around that were bound for Berlin. Many hauled loads of manure they intended to spread in the city to mark their displeasure at being pawns for radical leftists.

Police reportedly set a rigid limit on the number of trucks and tractors allowed to enter the metropolitan area.

Tellingly, the globalist leftist media is almost completely silent on the massive protests. It’s almost as if marching orders were handed down from elites to suppress reporting of the sprawling event.

Berlin authorities said that the smell of manure will mean trucks and tractors will be turned around. The spread of livestock excrement became a powerful tool to express their unwillingness to bow to the government’s misguided climate change protocols.

The left’s war on agriculture drew the wrath of those who feed and clothe the nation.

Roads in hubs such as Munich, Bremen, Hamburg and Cologne ground to a halt as that anger was expressed. Farmers specifically object to the plan to phase out tax incentives targeting the use of diesel fuel in agriculture along with the car tax exemption for industry vehicles. 

In U.S. dollars, the coalition government faces an $18.6 billion shortfall in 2024. They are trying to recoup much of it on the backs of farmers.

The widespread protests, which began on January 8, are spearheaded by the German Farmers Association. The group has endured its members being targeted by climate extremists to position “global warming” advocacy over the good of the nation.

Each federal state saw protests in recent days. The goal is to warn the general population of the government’s shortsighted targeting of the food sector for massive cutbacks.

The demonstrations drew support from across the E.U. Farmers from Austria, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Poland and Romania made the trek to Germany to show their solidarity. 

Other recent protests targeted European governments’ plans to attack carbon emissions on the backs of farmers. It is widely believed in the agricultural industry that leftist leaders hold those who till the continent’s soil in disdain. 

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