Georgia Educator Canned For Refusing False Grades Seeks Office

Former teacher Sheri Mimbs was understandably shocked when a school administrator demanded she alter grades for failing students. Not only did she win her protracted lawsuit against the system, she announced she is running for a seat on the very same school board.


Mimbs filed suit against the Henry County School Board over being ordered to award nothing less than a 60 — even if the student turned in zero work.


It took seven years, but she ultimately won a six-figure settlement and is now determined to change the system from within. 



The principled teacher recalled an assistant principal in 2017 telling her in writing that she could no longer award a grade lower than a 60 for any assignment.


This was now a requirement even if the student did not hand in anything.


Mimbs of course was shocked. She approached the assistant principal to question the directive only to see her administrator double down on the mandate. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You need to change those grades. Kids can’t have less than a 60.” 



The teacher said after she complained about the misguided protocol, her contract was not renewed. Mimbs was well aware of why her services were no longer desired by Henry County schools and took legal action against the system.


She was awarded a six-figure settlement for being wronged plus attorneys fees after the jury heard the evidence against the school district.


Even more critically, the system had to reverse her non-renewal, making her eligible to teach in Henry County again. She told reporters that being separated from the system prevented her from getting a position in other districts. 


But Mimbs had other thoughts, and now instead of being an outside agitator or going back to her teaching role, she wants to improve the school system from the top.


She announced, “I’m planning to run for school board. Nobody can make me believe just giving out grades is helping any student.”


Mimbs said the landmark court victory “was like a sign of relief. A weight off my shoulders.”


As difficult as it is to believe, these practices which ultimately do a great disservice to students are quite common.

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