Dershowitz Skeptical Of Trump’s Conviction Being Overturned, Cites Judges’ Fear Of Helping Former President

Renowned attorney Alan Dershowitz expressed doubts about the likelihood of a New York appellate court overturning former President Donald Trump’s conviction in his Manhattan trial, citing potential bias among judges who may be “terrified of being perceived of as helping Trump in any way.”

Speaking on a special edition of “The Dershow” following Trump’s conviction, Dershowitz described the verdict as “a very sad day for American justice” and compared it to convictions made in the deep South before the Civil Rights movement.

“I don’t think it would be reversed by the appellate division,” Dershowitz said, adding that he was unsure whether the New York Court of Appeals in Albany would be able to consider the case without taking into account the potential impact on their reputations as judges.

Dershowitz, who had predicted Trump’s conviction multiple times, including in his book “Get Trump,” also expressed skepticism about the strength of the case, calling it “the weakest case I’ve ever seen in 60 years.” He argued that the jury’s decision was influenced by false instructions and a venire that largely “hates Trump and doesn’t want him to be president.”

The attorney drew parallels between the Trump verdict and cases in the South where all-white juries improperly convicted black people or acquitted white people, stating that such verdicts did not reflect the values of the country as a whole but rather the biases of a particular region.

“We do live in the age of Trump syndrome, people can’t talk rationally about Donald Trump any more than they can talk rationally about Israel or about some other subjects,” Dershowitz concluded, highlighting the challenges faced by the former president in seeking an impartial legal process.


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  • G
    May 31, 2024

    Unfortunately he is probably correct (he will never be ‘right’) as there is little that strikes more fear in any ‘judge’ than being perceived as setting an unpopular precedent. Remember how roberts (at least allegedly) screeched at the rest of scotus that IF they pursued all of the cheating allegations in ’20 they would be responsible for starting a civil war.

    I’m thinking of legally changing my name to Ham Sandwich just to make it easier on the left. Nah, more trouble than it would be worth what with having to change my driver’s license etc.

  • M
    June 5, 2024

    All they need to do it overrule the illegal manipulation of the statute of limitation which had passed and it’s all good.

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