Democratic Leadership Petrified Over RFK Jr. Candidacy

The Democratic National Committee knows it is saddled with a deeply unpopular incumbent, but its options are sorely limited. Instead of propping up President Joe Biden, the DNC has no alternative but open warfare on Donald Trump — and increasingly independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The fact that RFK Jr. chose a far-left Californian for his running mate this week is even more worrisome for the embattled party.

Instead of Nicole Shanahan, he could have gone for a much more centrist or even conservative VP pick, but he didn’t. Now his candidacy loses whatever appeal it had for disgruntled Republicans while greatly enhancing its allure for the millions of Democrats weary of Biden.

Immediately after learning of the selection of Shanahan, the DNC held a panicked phone call with media members. 

Corporate journalists are accustomed to taking marching orders from Democrats, so there was no element of surprise in the call.

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. Austin Davis (D) told the mainstream media that the DNC is doing everything it can for the Biden-Harris ticket. “It’s critical that we take seriously every possible obstacle to that goal. And let me be clear, that’s exactly what Robert F. Kennedy is in this election. He’s a spoiler.”

Michigan state Sen. Mallory McMorrow (D) repeated the theme, telling reporters that “him being in the race means there is a greater likelihood that Donald Trump will become president again.”

It is clear that Democrats now take Kennedy’s campaign seriously, even as their media cohorts attempt to suppress news of his candidacy.

Knowing well that he is the subject of a sweeping blackout of press coverage, Kennedy took an unusual circuit to reach the voters. He already appeared on some of the most influential podcasts across the country to spread his message.

The independent candidate spoke to Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan, Jordan Peterson and others to get his word out. Rogan’s podcasts regularly pass 50 million streams, and Carlson has just as great of a reach.

Trump voters will not be swayed, that much is certain. But a recent Quinnipiac poll showed that Kennedy leads both Trump and Biden among voters under 35.

He is also positioned very well among independents.

As for Shanahan’s selection, the DNC is quite aware that she is capable of communicating with female and younger voters. Again, conservatives will not be swayed by an extreme leftist message, but fledgling Democrats are another story.


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