Conservative Comedian JP Sears Releases New Children’s Book

After spending years amassing a huge social media following, conservative comedian J.P. Sears has tackled a much different medium for his latest project.

“Chomp Chomp Chomp: The Snapfest Challenge” is a children’s book Sears wrote and is now promoting as a tool for parents who want to equip their kids for the challenges associated with peer pressure.

He said the book reflects the “number one message” he wants to deliver to his own son, describing it as: “Do your own thinking, be in touch with your heart and have the courage to let your actions be in alignment with your heart and your own thinking.”

Following those simple rules, Sears concluded, will help children avoid “succumbing to peer pressure,” which in turn results in them “betraying their own heart to get temporary gratification or fit in.”

Reacting to the cultural pressures found virtually everywhere in today’s society, he noted that it is no longer just children who find themselves easily susceptible to peer pressure. This new book, he noted, offers a valuable lesson that readers of all ages can take to heart.

Sears expressed gratitude toward Brave Books, the company that published his book, for its work with a host of other right-leaning authors “bringing good, positive messaging through entertaining stories for kids.”

Applauding the publisher for “creating the change we need to see in the world,” he said he jumped at the chance to work with the company when he was approached with the opportunity to write his own book.

“Anytime I’m looking at something like, ‘Hey, is this a project I want to do?’ The number one question I have for myself is, ‘Is this mission aligned? Does this help fuel the mission that I’m on?’” Sears explained, noting that in this case the answer was a resounding yes.

He went on to assert that creating positive content for children is more crucial today than at any time in recent memory due to the dereliction on display by once-beloved entertainment companies.

“The Disney I remember was like, ‘Oh, that’s a place parents could just relax and put their trust in [the belief that] there’s going to be [a] positive message, good, wholesome messages in Disney and, of course, entertaining characters,” Sears lamented. “But I think something I’ve woken up to is realizing the old saying is true: The devil masquerades as an angel in disguise. So having warped messaging in Disney, that truly is the devil masquerading as an angel in disguise. So, times are changing.”

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