Boeing Employees Face Mandatory Quality Control Training

Boeing told its employees Tuesday that production of its 737s will be suspended for one day. This action is to facilitate quality control training for all teams related to the troubled aircraft.

Business Insider reported that the first round of training will be for employees in Renton, Washington. Workers at multiple other factories will undergo the same process over the next two weeks as the company works to shore up production standards.

CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes Stan Deal described the program employees will undertake. 

In a statement, Deal said, “During the stand downs, teammates will participate in hands-on learning, reflection and collaboration to identify where quality and compliance can be improved and create actionable plans that will be tracked to closure.”

Tours of its facilities will be taken by airlines to open the process up for inspections and suggestions.

This, of course, is in the aftermath of the alarming Jan. 5 incident in which Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 suffered sudden decompression. A door plug broke off in mid flight, endangering passengers and crew as a gaping hole appeared in the side of the aircraft at 10,000 feet.

Meanwhile, Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun was in Washington on Wednesday to assure prominent senators that the company’s products are safe.

Addressing reporters on Capitol Hill, Calhoun declared, “We fly safe planes. We don’t put planes in the air that we don’t have 100% confidence in. I’m here today in the spirit of transparency.”

The 171-aircraft fleet of Boeing 737 Max 9s are out of operation after being grounded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The agency announced Wednesday evening that it approved inspection protocols that must be carried out on each of the planes.

When that process is completed, the Max 9s “will be eligible to return to service.”

A letter from Chief Operating Officer Toby Enqvist to United Airlines employees Wednesday asserted that the company’s 737 Max 9s will start returning to the skies on Sunday. He reported that 26 of its aircraft already passed the inspections “under the FAA’s supervision.”

As for Alaska Airlines, its fleet is expected to be back flying within days. 


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