BLM Co-Founder: Taylor Swift Fans Racist, White Supremacy Caused Chiefs’ Win At Super Bowl

The unhinged and race-obsessed co-founder of Black Lives Matter’s (BLM) Los Angeles chapter is being called out on social media after posting bizarre comments claiming that Taylor Swift fans are racist and that the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory at the Super Bowl earlier this month was the result of a “white-supremacist conspiracy theory.”

Melina Abdullah, a professor of Pan-African Studies at Cal State University in Los Angeles, California, made a series of deranged posts on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Super Bowl Sunday.

The first post smeared Taylor Swift’s rabidly loyal fanbase, who are known as Swifties, as “racist.”

“Why do I feel like it’s slightly racist to be a Taylor Swift fan?” Abdullah wrote.

Of course, she received a lot of pushback on her comment, with many questioning how she came to that conclusion. Instead of offering a legitimate explanation for her comments, Abdullah essentially admitted that her decision to smear Swifties was based on her feelings, not logic. She also compared her “feeling” about Swift fans being racist to the feeling she gets when she sees American patriotism on display.

“I said FEEL, not think,” the passive-aggressive BLM activist responded. “Kind of like that feeling I get when there are too many American flags.”

However, Abdullah wasn’t done with her deranged ranting, as she made another post following the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory — claiming that the majority-Black team’s win was part of a “white-supremacist conspiracy.”

“Why do I feel like this was some right-wing, white-supremacist conspiracy?!?!” she wrote. “Booooooo!!!!”

Abdullah immediately began playing the victim after being called out for her racist and unhinged comments — claiming that the criticism of her smears is wrong because “virtually everything is racist.”

“Folks think they’re attacking me by asking for why I think everything is racist…” the BLM co-founder wrote. “I’m not offended. Virtually everything is racist.”

Her unhinged comments prompted an equally unhinged response from one critic — a Texas man who left her a voicemail calling her out for her racism and telling her, “I hope you f—ing die.”

Abdullah shared the audio of the voicemail in a post to X on Feb. 23, where she again played the victim.

“How dare you throw out the racist ideas you throw out on a daily basis?” the man, who identified himself as Ethan George, demanded, later adding: “I hope you f—king die.”

Abdullah stated in the caption: “If this is what a tweet about [Taylor Swift] fans being ‘slightly racist’ brings, I’ll edit myself… Y’all are full-fledged violent white-delusionists.”

However, her post did not elicit much sympathy, as many commenters pointed out that much of the remarks in the man’s voicemail were correct, although they noted that hoping she died was not okay.

“I for one can’t stand Taylor Swift, but I’ve read many of your tweets and have come to the conclusion that your warped ideology is without a doubt loaded with hate and racism! You are the poster child for what a racist looks like, what a sad and pathetic person you are,” podcast host Douglas Ducote Sr. wrote.

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  • M
    February 27, 2024

    Did it ever occur to her that “y’all” could be considered racist?

  • T
    February 27, 2024

    There is such a thing as too many American flags? Shame on you.
    No American flags in Russia or Iran. Pack your bags.

  • JH
    February 27, 2024
    John Hurabiell, Sr.

    Black Lives Matter is nothing but a crooked group of losers. They belong in jail. They are truly racists. So much for their bullshit

  • G
    February 27, 2024

    they are now eating there own

  • G
    February 27, 2024

    The only thing racist is this pig.

  • G
    February 27, 2024

    Everything is racist? Isn’t she part of everything? Although she’s wrong, her logic basically self admits she’s a racist.

  • D
    February 27, 2024

    The racists are the BLM idiots. All
    Lives matter, and just because you didn’t get your way, the rest of the world is not racist.

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