Autoworkers: Biden’s EV Push Will Cost Thousands Of Jobs

Despite lackluster sales amid serious concerns about their reliability and the staggering cost of repairs, the Biden administration continues to make its push for electric vehicles (EVs) to replace time-tested gas-powered automobiles on American roads.

The initiative is not only falling flat among consumers who have indicated that they are not interested in EVs, but also autoworkers increasingly concerned about their job security. Reports suggest that thousands of jobs in the industry could be slashed due to the fact that EVs do not require as much labor as internal combustion vehicles. 

Despite President Joe Biden’s repeated claims that he is the “most pro-union” president in U.S. history, his stance on this issue clearly runs contrary to the desires of many unionized autoworkers.

As such, a growing number of Americans working in the industry are speaking out against Biden’s agenda.

One Ford worker told The New York Times that she was “disappointed,” in the president, adding: “We trust you to make sure that Americans are employed.”

Another autoworker took his criticism even further.

“It’s scary right now with the whole electric push,” declared Nelson Westrick, who works at a Detroit-area Ford plant. “This electric stuff is going to kill, just kill, thousands and thousands of jobs.”

With public sentiment shifting against the White House in an election year, recent reports suggest that the Biden administration is poised to relax some of its emissions goals and EV requirements.

Republican presidential primary front-runner Donald Trump clearly sees an opportunity, however, and has made several bids to gain political favor from within the heavily unionized — and largely pro-Democrat — industry. 

The former president’s effort to appeal to labor unions was on full display last month when he met with International Brotherhood of Teamsters President Sean O’Brien.

As Americans for Prosperity employment policy fellow Austen Bannan said at the time: “Because he gained a lot of support from union and non-union blue-collar workers the past two elections, it makes sense that Sean O’Brien and union leaders would want to meet with Trump.”

Although union leaders might still embrace leftist policies, Bannan reasoned that a meeting with Trump might present “an opportunity to appease some of those workers in terms of optics, and it’s possibly a chance to get a little insight into how Trump appeals to union workers.”

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    February 21, 2024

    When you introduce something new, one does it one step at the time to achieve the goal. Example: Biden should have done this in the EV market. Start with HYBRIDS and step up to the top of the ladder with EVs.

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