Armed Drones Targeting US Soldiers Shot Down In Iraq

U.S. forces in Iraq came under further attacks Tuesday when separate drones targeted a base with American personnel near Erbil airport. According to Reuters, three armed attack drones were successfully shot down as they approached U.S. and coalition troops.

If confirmed, the early morning provocations would bring the total number of attacks on American servicemembers to 40 since just Oct. 17.

The outlet also reported that a separate attack carried out by Islamic Resistance in Iraq was successful. This targeted the Al-Harir military base located northeast of the airport.

This group operates in Iraq with Iranian assistance. It is a coalition of Iraqi terrorist organizations supplied and funded through Tehran.

Islamic Resistance in Iraq claimed its drones struck the “American occupation base at Erbil Airport” and cited direct hits. Reports from the scene, however, fail to confirm the one-way drones found their targets at the military installation.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed al-Sudani vowed to pursue those responsible for carrying out operations against the three bases. Each of the facilities host international advisers.

A U.S. Defense Department official said the attacks resulted in no injuries or damage. The spokesperson added that most of the launches in recent weeks did not reach their targets. 

The DOD official credited robust defense systems at the multi-national base for turning back the threat. This mirrored similar statements made by the Pentagon on Monday. 

Pentagon press secretary Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder confirmed that U.S. military personnel in Syria and Iraq are under a constant threat from “drones and rockets.” He said at least 46 service members have been injured recently.

These ranged from minor wounds to traumatic brain injuries caused by shrapnel. Conditions from headaches to perforated ear drums were caused by the attacks. 

American forces retaliated with self-defense strikes in Syria recently. Hit by airstrikes were two installations utilized by local militias and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps for armaments depots.

The Pentagon also sent two aircraft carrier strike groups and an Ohio-class submarine to the region over the weekend. It warned that the show of power should caution anyone outside of Israel’s war with Hamas from attempting to spread the conflict. 

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