Antifa Takes Credit For Attack On Portland Butcher Shop

As the discussion surrounding the Israel-Hamas war has proven, leftist activists will quickly target their own for voicing opinions that are deemed insufficiently zealous. 

That trend was also on display in Portland, Oregon, when a store was attacked by a far-left group despite its owners frequently expressing similar ideological beliefs.

Rose City Antifa took credit for the act, which resulted in power being disrupted to Pasture PDX, a butcher shop and restaurant owned by H.J. Schaible and Kei Ohdera. In a blog post claiming responsibility, the organization stated that its actions were dedicated to “all antispeciesists” and was intended to ruin the meat so it could not be sold. 

In a grammatically challenged screed, Rose City Antifa wrote: “Last night we cut off the tiny padlock to the breaker box of a butcher shop ‘pasture pds’ and shut off their power to make the flesh they butchered unsellable. we [sic] also sealed the lock on the door with spray foam insulation. We also shut power to two adjacent stores because it was fun. These things are easily reproduceable [sic] and we encourage anarchists to think outside of the box. you [sic] can do other things then [sic] smash windows.”

Not only were two other businesses, apparently not connected with Pasture PDX, caught up in the periphery of the group’s act, but the self-described anarchists involved were clearly not moved by the LGBT “pride” flag flying outside of the butcher shop or any of the other evidence of its owners’ political views. 

“This is a safe space,” a sign outside the business reads, according to a social media image shared by Schaible, who was also outspoken in his support of Antifa during the widespread protests and riots of mid-2020. 

In an article published by The Oregonian late last year, Ohdera shared the ethos of Pasture PDX, highlighting the use of ethically sourced meats and an emphasis on reducing meat consumption in general.

“We are trying our best to suggest that people shouldn’t eat as much meat as they do, but if they choose to eat meat, eat meat that is coming from the right sources raised by stewards of the land,” the co-owner said.

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