Waves Of Protesters Disrupt President Biden’s $25 Million Fundraiser

Former President Barack Obama was not in high spirits after he was interrupted by anti-Biden protesters at President Joe Biden’s fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. 

Obama took the stage alongside Biden and former President Bill Clinton when groups of anti-Israel protesters yelled obscenities at the former presidents, many calling for a ceasefire in Gaza and chanting, “Genocide Joe has got to go!” 

Tickets sat at over $500k just to attend the event, and outlets are reporting that Biden raised over $25 million in support of his 2024 presidential bid against former President Donald Trump. 

Biden and Obama, who traveled to the event together on Air Force One, took part in a discussion with Clinton on “The Late Show” with host Stephen Colbert, which was immediately interrupted by protesters inside the auditorium, yelling over the participants, demanding accountability for the “genocide in Gaza.” 

Both Clinton and Obama offered White House perspectives on the crisis, making references to the sitting president’s support of Israel’s war with Hamas, which has resulted in the deaths of over 30,000 Palestinian civilians. 

One female protester inside the auditorium was continuously blowing a whistle and holding a sign portraying the words “WAR PIG,” which led to more protesters joining in on the disruption with chants like “Shame on you, Joe!” and “Blood on your hands!” The same female protester warned about a nuclear war with Russia. 

“A president needs to be able to support Israel at the same time as fighting for Palestinians to have more access to food, medical supplies and a future state,” Obama said. “It’s a lonely seat,” he continued. “One of the realities of the presidency is that the world has a lot of joy and beauty, but it also has a lot of tragedy and cruelty.” 

When this panel was interrupted by protesters, the former president shot back with a snarky remark, stating, “You can’t just talk and not listen. That’s what the other side does.”

After causing visible discomfort in the presidential trio, the protesters were escorted out of the music hall, where they rejoined the crowd gathered outside. 

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