Media Ignores Bomb Attack On Republican Alabama Attorney General

There is a deafening silence across the national media over the discovery of an explosive device outside of Alabama’s Republican attorney general’s office.

In a statement, AG Steve Marshall declared that “in the early morning hours of Saturday, Feb. 24, an explosive device was detonated outside of the Alabama attorney general’s office building in Montgomery.” 

Marshall noted that no one was injured and that authorities are searching for evidence leading to the arrest of whoever planted the device. Officials did not immediately confirm if there was damage to the targeted building. 

Despite the severity and likely political nature of the crime, there are no cries of domestic terrorism or saving the Republic. 

However, parents observing the inner workings of their children’s educations at school board meetings draw scrutiny over possible violent intentions.

Investigators have not pinned the responsibility for the attack on anyone, but it came after the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that frozen embryos are human beings.

Marshall recently declared that his office will not prosecute medical providers of in vitro fertilization or those who utilize their services. The state high court determined that state law mandated that these fertilized embryos are indeed children.

Three couples sued after their frozen embryos were accidentally destroyed at a state fertility clinic.

As for the weekend explosion, social media is abuzz over the attention an apparent political attack is lacking. One asked what the response would be if the offices of Fani Willis or Leticia James were the targets. 

Another user said that “by the end of the week, it will be buried as a conspiracy theory by the media.” A different user offered the reaction they believed came from investigators. “We can’t find who did it. Oh well, case closed!”

Still another declared that “Democrat riot season is officially open.”

The lack of response by the mainstream media to an attempted bombing of a public official is too glaring to overlook. The fact that the official is a conservative Republican offers insight into the reasoning, but hardly justification. 

Justice is hardly blind.

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  • H"
    March 1, 2024

    Then Don Trump Jr. has a white powder sent to him.

    Actions of a Marxist, DNC party.

  • G
    March 2, 2024

    While I have no proof, this type of action is typical of ones used by the left. When government issued rights are taken as they always will be the dependent will retaliate and usually with violence. none having the verbal skills needed to have a conversation that must be limited to their four letter limit. their favorate being societies oppression on the use of their own body. in particular with their own body and the murder of the child they create. I do believe a woman should have control. My version is self control you have the conscious choice to prevent the creation of a child. only the shellfish and self indulgent uses abortion to rid themself of the responsibility of raising and nurturing a child. I guess that too many cant think beyond their uncontrolled sexual rut. What many dont realize is that every abortion destroyes your body as much as it does the child.——— I, Grampa

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