Trump Vows To Save Higher Education From ‘Marxist Maniacs’

Prominent college campuses are breeding grounds for supporting Hamas terrorists and disruptions by leftist agitators. Former President Donald Trump saw this clearly and pledged to rescue the nation’s universities from “Marxist maniacs and lunatics.”

Has there ever been a better description of the hordes running loose in higher education?

The 45th president noted that while the system is under ideological duress, tuition continues to soar far faster than inflation. The solution, he declared, is to utilize the “secret weapon” that is college accreditation.

These accreditors, Trump explained, are charged with ensuring that “schools are not ripping off students and taxpayers.”

At this task, he concluded, “they have failed miserably.” 

Trump posted on his Truth Social platform Tuesday night, “For many years, tuition costs at colleges and universities have been exploding…While academics have been obsessed with indoctrinating America’s youth, the time has come to reclaim our once great educational institutions.” 

A second Trump term in the White House, according to the presumptive Republican nominee, would result in educational institutions “defending the American tradition.” 

Trump vowed to “fire the radical left” and purge accreditors who permitted schools to abandon education for indoctrination. At that point, he vowed, applications from new accreditors will be accepted which will lead to “real standards” being enforced.

These new protocols would erase diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs and bureaucrats. Low-cost and accelerated degree programs would be established to better meet the needs of modern students.

Trump further endorsed entrance and exit exams “to prove that students are actually learning and getting their money’s worth.”

And in response to colleges ignoring court directives, the Republican said he would mandate that the Justice Department begin civil rights cases against schools that persist in discriminating based on race.

Institutions that continue to discriminate “under the guise of equity” will face budgetary consequences.

This would include fining universities “up to the entire amount of their endowment.” Part of the seized funds would then be used to compensate those who were discriminated against by these unconstitutional policies.

Hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars have been funneled into the schools, and Trump asserted that it’s time to get rid of “this anti-American insanity.”


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