Tough NYC Stance On Illegal Migrants Just A Smokescreen

As voters become increasingly frustrated with the illegal migrant invasion, some Democratic leaders are proclaiming a “crackdown” on this lawlessness. This tough new stance, however, is mostly a mirage aimed at placating the public.

Mayors in New York and Chicago in recent days responded to heat drawn from forking out billions to migrants that could assist legal citizens. 

Radical Democratic Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson trumpeted his newfound toughness in pledging to “evict” illegals overstaying their welcome in city shelters.

At the same time, New York Democratic Mayor Eric Adams created a media circus when he triggered a revision to the city’s infamous “right to shelter” law. He forcefully declared the policy was never meant for illegal migrants flooding the city.

Addressing the agreement, Adams claimed “today’s stipulation acknowledges that reality and grants us additional flexibility during times of crisis, like the national humanitarian crisis we are currently experiencing.” 

But what did he truly accomplish?

A deal was reached that would supposedly strengthen the city’s hand with illegal migrants staying in city-run shelters. But the fine print showed that very little was truly achieved despite the smoke and mirrors.

The high point is that the city may now limit how long a single adult migrant may stay in a shelter. The illegals are forced to reapply when their 30-day stay ends.

This policy does not apply to migrant families with children, and it doesn’t even prevent those mandated to move on from simply relocating to another city shelter.

As a last resort, the illegals may be put out onto city streets where they will yet again be the responsibility of taxpayers. 

Mayor Johnson in Chicago is also expending much energy in tough talk when the reality is quite different. As critics charged the city with being overly generous with those not legally in the country, the mayor said the expectation now is that those in shelters will “move on.”

Like NYC, migrant families are exempt from being pushed out of taxpayer-funded facilities. Also like the Big Apple, those unfortunate enough to be shown the door may simply reapply at another facility for yet another 30 days.

Both mayors recognize their constituencies are fed up with the red carpet for illegal migrants. Unfortunately, neither is close to taking serious action to stem the tide.

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